BBQ Sauce & ADHD

BBQ Sauce & ADHD

Hello and welcome! Want the inside scoop on finding answers to your ADHD issues? Sign up for my Newsletter. Thanks for visiting!The other day I decided to make peach BBQ sauce. From scratch. Seriously? Do I have so much leisure time that I can take a few hours to make peach BBQ sauce? (No.) A […]

Longing for Order

Longing for Order-4

As An ADD Woman, you probably find yourself in the midst of chaos more than you would like. And you may find yourself longing for order. I understand. I can relate.   I think that having ADHD means we are always longing for some kind of order in our lives. Either that, or we are […]

A Miracle Belt for ADHD

Catch Destiny

Normally when someone writes a book review, they end up recommending the book as a good read or not. I fully intend to do that, but it is not my main purpose in writing this review. You see, the book is about a former minor league baseball player who walked away from his career in […]

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