Clutter: For Real

2014-12-13 11.58.06

Hello and welcome! Want the inside scoop on finding answers to your ADHD issues? Sign up for my Newsletter. Thanks for visiting!You know that as someone with ADHD clutter is an ongoing problem. And that word “ongoing” is key. You can’t just clean things up and expect them to stay that way forever. There isn’t […]

5 Reminders for You

Please excuse my absence lately. I have missed “talking” with you, but my time has and is being spent at the hospital with my dad. I’ll do my best to keep up things here. We’ve talked about stress before, and sometimes even when we try our hardest, we still end up on that one way […]

Are You on a One Way Trip to Stressville?


The holidays are a popular time for people to take trips, whether to visit family, take a vacation, or just escape the weather. Lots of us, though, find ourselves on a one way trip to Stressville¬†without even knowing when we bought the ticket. The holidays are supposed to be fun and relaxing, a time to […]

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