Trigger Points and ADHD


Hello and welcome! Want the inside scoop on finding answers to your ADHD issues? Sign up for my Newsletter. Thanks for visiting!Anne from The Modern Mrs. Darcy wrote a post recently about trigger points. In her case, she was referring to children and homeschooling, although she did mention adults as well. Her observation was that […]

So I Have Questions…


I write this blog and do what I do in order to help you make sense of life with ADHD.   Some of you were very kind to take my survey recently and tell me more about the kinds of things that you need help with. Thank you so much! When you’ve been coaching and […]



I’ve just created a new thing. It’s called ADHDD. Yes there is a second D there. It identifies someone who is ADHD deficient. In other words, they are not blessed with ADHD. I like it a lot. Some people refer to those with ADHDD as “normal”. That implies that we are not normal and that […]

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