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About Me

Hi! My name is Brenda Nicholson and I am An ADD Woman – maybe just like you!

About 30 years ago I realized that my young son had ADHD and ever since, I have been passionate about helping people figure out how to live their best life in celebration of their ADHD.

After all, we are the most fun. Right?

It eventually turned out that in addition to my son and myself, my husband and both daughters had ADHD as well. Things have never been dull at our house!

No matter how you struggle with your ADHD, I am sure that I can relate.

I have shown up for appointments on the wrong day (sometimes the wrong week), forgotten more than I will ever know, and then there was that time that I forgot to buy Christmas dinner.

See? I can relate. 🙂

Please don’t hesitate to reach out to me with your own stories or questions. I’m always here to help!

My Professional Accomplishments

schoolcraftI designed a new coaching program to offer to ADHD students at the college. It was funded by the state of Michigan and the college and was a great success.

Novartis PharmaceuticalsI consulted with the production company hired by Novartis Pharmaceuticals  to make a series of videos about ADHD. I even got my own little “15 minutes of fame” in one of the videos.

ADDitude Magazine
ADDitude Magazine chose ADD Moms as “One of the Web’s Best ADHD Blogs for ADD Adults“.

Caitlin and MeAnd then ADDitude asked me to write for them. I wrote about my ADHD daughter’s experiences in college. Here’s a picture of the two of us that accompanied the article.
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best health blogs 2011ADD Moms has been chosen by Healthline as one of the top blogs about ADHD in 2012, 2013, and 2014.






rsz_1cooperandersonb copyI assisted Anderson Cooper’s staff with a story they were doing about families and ADHD.

In June 2013 I was pleased to attend an ADHD Summit with other ADHD Experts to consult with Noven Pharmaceuticals on an ongoing project.

imageI worked with the National Center for Learning Disabilities on a research project that they were doing.

In June 2013 I was selected as the ADD Expert for Answers.com. I contributed articles each month until the program ended. Now I am an Expert who answers questions for them.

How I Can Help You

I am here to help women like you who need some help in getting things under control, learning to manage their ADHD symptoms, and taking charge of their lives.

I can help through my blog, by answering your emails and comments, through my newsletter, and through my own Signature products and coaching programs.

Don’t hesitate! Life’s too short not to take charge of your ADHD now!




Disclosure notice: I sometimes recommend products, books or programs. I am often given a free copy of the book or a limited membership in a site in order to review it.I choose what I promote and never promote anything I would not use myself.