It’s All Connected

by Brenda on February 14, 2010

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You’ve heard me say many times that your ADHD symptoms are affected by many things, including sleep, diet, exercise and more.

But have you ever stopped to consider other outside forces like your environment and how they affect your ADHD symptoms?

For instance, you know that a good night’s sleep (and enough sleep) can have a positive impact on your ADHD symptoms. But what about the environment in which you sleep?

What does your bedroom look like? Is it clean, uncluttered and a pleasant place to be?

Or are you moving laundry off the bed before you get in it? Do you make your bed every day and launder your bedding regularly? Do you have a comfortable pillow and something soft to sleep in?

Can you see how sleeping in a clean comfortable bed and bedroom will help you get a better night’s sleep than sleeping in a messy cluttered room and bed?

What about the condition of your house? How can you expect to be clear headed and focused when there is chaos around you?

Do you have trouble getting out of the door in the morning? Better take a look at your closet, the bathroom and the kitchen.

Got an ADD kid who has trouble getting ready for school? Have you looked at their room lately? And if it’s clean, does it make sense to them? That is, can they easily find what they need?

There is a saying ” as above, so below”.

I would like to change that up just a bit: as without, so within.

Taking your environment from cluttered and messy to ordered, clean and calm can have a dramatic effect on your ADHD symptoms. You owe it to yourself to try.

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