Grocery Shopping with ADHD

by Brenda on June 19, 2010

Why is grocery shopping so hard when you have ADHD? Or is it just me?

First you have to figure out what meals you’re going to cook and what you need to buy. And then there’s breakfast and lunch to worry about. How am I supposed to know what everyone’s going to eat for those meals?

Then of course, you have to think about things like dish soap and paper towels and remember to buy them.

I always make a list of what I need to buy - I even organize it by categories like meat, dairy, and produce. But then I don’t always remember to bring it.

When I get to the store, it’s instant overwhelm. Yesterday there were so many people shopping! All those people makes it more difficult for me to shop because they’re distracting.

The actual shopping is hard, too. Why is it so confusing to buy something simple like toilet paper? There are all kinds of brands, and varieties within each brand. Then you have to decide on the package you want: do you want 12 rolls or 6 double rolls? And which is a better deal?

Then there’s the meat counter. My mother-in-law used to call and tell me when a store had a certain meat for a good price per pound. That whole thing is a mystery to me. I buy the package that looks like it has enough meat and is a reasonable price.

Once you get to the checkout, you’re almost home free, except I always feel guilty when the cashier asks me if I have any coupons, cause I never do. Coupons are just another layer of confusion that I can do without.

Oh, and paper or plastic? I don’t know. Which one is better for the environment?

Where I live, the stores all feel the need to send you out to your car with a bagger who will load your groceries into the car for you. That makes me uncomfortable, plus it means I have to remember to have some small bills for a tip.

By the time I get home from the grocery store and get things put away, I need a break.

Really, should grocery shopping be this hard?

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