ADHD: A Natural Solution

by Brenda on August 12, 2010

Med Free with ADD Program

One of the most common questions I get is about managing ADHD without medication.

For some, it’s being afraid to put themselves or their child on stimulants. For others, it may be a matter of insurance or finding a doctor to prescribe it. And for still others, it may be just a desire to use natural methods in all that they do.

Med Free with ADD is not only my answer to those people; it’s the way I live my life and the way I raised my kids.

OK - yes - all of my kids at one time or another were on ADD meds. But each of them, after a while, asked to stop taking them, either due to unwanted side effects or just the way it made them feel.

Med Free with ADD covers all aspects of your life. You can do as much or as little as you like. The more you follow, of course, the better your results.

A lot of it is just good old fashioned advice: get enough sleep, eat the right things, drink plenty of water.

But what are the right things when you have ADHD? It’s a little different than you might expect. In fact, for many, many years, I ate contrary to what I now consider ideal. My eating habits have changed dramatically in the last several years!

Med Free with ADD also has suggestions for herbal remedies as well as supplements to add to your diet. Nothing in it is too outlandish or expensive, and all of it will make you healthier than you are now.

It stands to reason that a healthy brain living in a healthy body will function at it’s best.

The thing is, if you have ADHD, your healthy brain and body will come from a slightly different approach than the average person.

You know your brain works differently. Doesn’t it stand to reason that you need to treat it a little differently too?

The Med Free with ADD program comes complete with:

    A Workbook
    A Quick Start Guide
    A Tracking Guide
    and more!

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