ADDA Conference!


The 2013 ADDA (Attention Deficit Disorder Association) Conference is this week from July 18 - 21. I will be going along with a good friend, DeShawn Wert from Your ADD Answers. I will be learning so much on this trip and meeting so many important people in the field of ADHD. Sari Solden is the […]

Organizing Your Closet

Close-up of multi-coloured clothes hangers hanging on a rail.

So this past week my 90 year old dad moved out of his 91 year old lady friend’s house. They “needed a break”. Turns out he’s decided to move in with us, which is cool. As we were setting up his bedroom, I noticed how different he is from me and my family. My dad […]

Do You Plan Your Weekly Meals?

Spaghetti from

My mom (who had ADHD) was never a planner or a list maker. For her, dinner started around 1:00 in the afternoon when she started wondering what was for dinner. Sometimes she had things in the freezer, but with no microwave and no plan, that didn’t help much. Enter the daily trip to the store. […]