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by Brenda on February 14, 2009

Lately I’ve been on a big organizing kick - clearing out cupboards and closets and getting rid of clutter. Part of the inspiration, I’m sure, is the spring like weather we’ve been having lately. There’s another reason, though, that’s a little more stressful.

Most of you know that my husband is laid off (he works for Ford). Well, Ford has a policy that under certain circumstances, a laid off employee can be transferred to another area if there is an opening and they have the qualifications. That’s how we ended up in the Chicago area several years ago.

Now we’re in a position where it could happen again. From experience, I know that if it does, it will happen very quickly, and that means unless I act now, I’ll be the one left here at home to get the house in order so that we can put it on the market.

Anyway, I’m always looking for new, better ideas to clean the house and keep it in order. Today I found a very cool resource with lots of good information, and I thought I would share it with you. After all, if you’ve got ADHD, you can always use some new ideas for getting and staying organized.

The site is called Life Organizers. Don’t you just love the name? The idea of someone organizing your life for you sounds really appealing somehow.

Anyway, it looks as though they have covered just about everything you could think of to organize, from your house to your finances. Here’s a link to an article I really like, about de-cluttering your home in 11 steps.

Pay particular attention to the instructions before you get started: Don’t be intimidated! That’s especially true for those of us with ADHD! Oh, and if step one - choose a room - is too overwhelming, break it down. Choose one part of one room. My first task is the downstairs bathroom closet.

Won’t it feel great to have a truly clean, organized home?

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This sounds great! thanks. I have actually been trying to organizing a few things (like my kids clothes that no longer fit) Anyway…thanks for sharing that link on 11 steps to de-clutter your home.

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