Fish Oil and ADHD

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A new study by a doctor at Goteborg University in Sweden has concluded that daily doses of Omega-3 fish oil can reduce ADHD symptoms by 50%.

Dr. Sven Ostlund followed a group of ADHD children aged 8-18 who took fish oil daily. Within 6 months, there was a noticeable decrease in ADHD symptoms for about 25% of the children.

According to Dr. Ostlund, “In Sweden, we don’t put children on medication first. We think doctors (here) can now try Omega-3 first and then medication later.”

The theory behind Omega-3 fish oil is that it is vital to proper brain function, and that it supplies nutrients that ADHD brains may need. It is also useful for improving concentration.

A daily dose of Omega-3 fish oil is one of the things I recommend in my Med Free with ADD program.

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