July 2009


by Brenda on July 23, 2009

In the past two weeks, I have: Dog sat for a very big, energetic dog Had weekend houseguests Welcomed my youngest daughter Caitlin back home due to some changes in her relationships - along with all of her clothes and “stuff” - which is everywhere. Literally. I’ve also got out of town guests coming for [...]


ADD Moms Survey

by Brenda on July 16, 2009

Next week I will be interviewing the author of a fascinating book who has a unique viewpoint of ADHD as well as a unique treatment. I’m very excited about this and hope you will be as well. In preparation, I have written a 1 question survey that I would love to get your thoughts about. [...]


Lucy & Ethel & ADHD

by Brenda on July 16, 2009

For those of you who aren’t old enough to remember Lucille Ball and I Love Lucy, here’s a little overview: Lucy was a crazy redhead who was always getting herself and her best friend Ethel in trouble. Lucy would have one of her “screwball ideas” and Ethel would go along with it each time. Invariably, [...]


Simplify: 5 Steps

by Brenda on July 14, 2009

Those of us who have ADHD lead very complicated lives, or at least it seems that way. Perhaps the reality is that we make things harder for ourselves than we need to. Organization is a big challenge for anyone with ADHD. Part of the reason is that it’s not a skill that we seem to [...]



by Brenda on July 9, 2009

This is a post from ADD Student from today. I thought this site was so helpful, that I wanted to share it with everyone. I was recently contacted by Josh Pull, co-founder of dysTalk, to let me know about his site. dysTalk is a site that is dedicated to “helping your child learn better”. I [...]


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