Smart But Feeling Dumb: Review

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Yesterday I posted an audio interview with Dr. Harold N. Levinson, author of Smart But Feeling Dumb, New Understanding and Dramatic Treatment for Dyslexia, LD/ADD.

The resulting interview lasts about 45 minutes, and in it, Dr. Levinson makes a number of important points. I’d like to take this time to highlight a few of the ones I consider most important and to give my thoughts on his book.

Dr. Levinson’s definition of dyslexia goes far beyond simple letter reversals. It includes many symptoms that we associate with ADHD, including inability to concentrate, poor self esteem, lack of focus, and more. Listen to the first part of the audio to hear what Dr. Levinson has to say.

Dr. Levinson has years of research and thousands of patients to support his ideas about dyslexia, ADHD and learning disabilities and their treatment.

Dr. Levinson often uses simple treatments, such as antihistamines, motion sickness drugs, nutrition and small amounts of stimulants to manage dyslexia or ADHD symptoms and he has a high success rate.

So much of what Dr. Levinson talks and writes about is relevant to me and my family. Ear infections, allergies, clumsiness, poor self esteem, anxiety - it’s like he knows us personally. I especially liked his ideas about reading - that not remembering what you’ve just read is a function of poor memory and not poor reading skills.

I am very excited about Dr. Levinson’s ideas because he is taking research into ADHD and dyslexia in a new direction.

If you are interested in learning more, start by visiting his website: Dyslexia Online. You can also find his book, Smart But Feeling Dumb, on Amazon or in local bookstores.

To be honest, the book does read more like a textbook than other books I’ve read about ADHD. I tried but could not get through the book by reading it page by page. Instead, I skipped around and read most of the case histories included, which come from Dr. Levinson’s practice. I also found Appendix A in the back to be useful, because it lists a number of the things Dr. Levinson uses as treatment.

Be sure to check out Dyslexia Online as well as Smart But feeling Dumb (love that title - it really says it all!).

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