October 2010

Pantry Meals from Peaceliving

by Brenda on October 29, 2010

I’m always looking for more good ideas for pantry meals. They’re so quick and easy to do and sometimes that’s just all I feel like doing. Today I thought I would share some good ideas from someone else. I couldn’t find out what the name is of the woman who writes Peaceliving, but she has [...]


Fearless Living

by Brenda on October 26, 2010

I recently read a book by Rhonda Britten called “Fearless Living“. If you are the kind of person who finds that fear governs too many of your decisions, then you might want to check it out. I think that a lot of us ADD Moms live too much of our lives in fear and it [...]


You Need a Backup Plan

by Brenda on October 25, 2010

As ADD Moms, we are in charge of a lot. And as ADD Moms, sometimes it’s easy for us to forget something or just lose track of things. That’s why it’s especially important for us to have backup plans in place for the most critical areas of our lives. Flylady, for instance, recommends always keeping [...]



by Brenda on October 24, 2010

OK, this week’s pantry meal is a bit of a no brainer, but after the week I had, it was all I could come up with. What You Need: A box of spaghetti A jar of spaghetti sauce Parmesan cheese Extras from the Freezer (optional) 1 lb hamburger Garlic bread


Stagnant: Inactive, Sluggish

by Brenda on October 20, 2010

Stagnant stag·nant ? ?/?stægn?nt/ Show Spelled[stag-nuhnt] Show IPA –adjective 1.not flowing or running, as water, air, etc. 2.stale or foul from standing, as a pool of water. 3.characterized by lack of development, advancement, or progressive movement: a stagnant economy. 4.inactive, sluggish, or dull. What does ADHD have to do with the word stagnant and a [...]


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