5 Rules About Housekeeping

Keeping the house clean and organized. It’s a never ending battle for ADD Moms, one we seem destined to lose.

And yet we keep at it, because after all, we have to.

We are always looking for a new or better or easier way to get it all done. And the sad thing is, even if we do it, we’ll need to do it again and soon.

Here are some things that you should keep in mind about housekeeping. And they’re not really rules; more like suggestions.

1. Make health and safety a priority. Bathrooms and kitchens are the most important areas when it comes to cleanliness. Start your cleaning there.

2. Do a little every day. You can do this either by getting a little bit further into a big cleaning task or just making sure to do something each day to make your home cleaner.

3. Break things up. Depending on your home, you may feel overwhelmed by cleaning the entire kitchen. Now the dishes need to be done every day, but maybe today you can also tackle the stove or the countertops. Or just one section of the countertop.

4. Group things together. Spend one day on just bathrooms or just floors or just dusting. And you know I don’t mean literally the whole day. Set aside an hour or a couple of 20 minute sessions - whatever works for you - and do it then.

5. Have an end in sight each day. The house will always need to be cleaned. Dishes and laundry and dirty floors are continuous tasks. Decide what you will do each day and then do it. Don’t worry about what is left to be done; there is always tomorrow.

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