An Effective To Do List

by Brenda on October 9, 2012

As ADD Moms, we are great at making to do lists. In fact, most of probably have more than one.

You know, there’s the one you wrote down on that scrap piece of paper, and the one that comes with your calendar, and then you found this program online that you were sure was going to get things done for you, so you started one there too.

I’m the same way. And yet so much of my stuff doesn’t get done.

There are a couple of reasons for that.

First, deep down we all feel like writing the to do list should some how magically get things done. You know you do. Just like you think that if you find the perfect organizing or house cleaning book or system, your home will never be messy again.

Yeah. How’s that working for you? :)

Another reason that our to do’s don’t get done is because a list by itself is just that: a list. There is no action built in. You might as well write that list and then set fire to it.

So how do you find or create a to do list that’s really effective?

There are a few ways.

In my ADD Lifeskills Planner, you have a place for dumping all of the things that you have to do. Sort of a master to do list. Then, each week in your planning session, you choose 2 - 3 things and schedule them into your week. That’s right - you assign a date and time to get them done.

And you don’t have to use my planner - whatever you currently use will work, as long as you are actually using it.

There are also some online programs and apps that might work for you.

Cozi has a reminder setting that lets you send a reminder via email or text. It will even let you send it to someone else. In order to use this, you do need to schedule the to do into your Cozi calendar; the to do list does not have a reminder system. And if you get the upgraded version, you can send up to 3 reminders for the same thing. I use Cozi and like it very much.

Zoho Calendar allows you to set two reminders for an event. You can choose pop ups - only if you’re logged in to the calendar - or emails. I have not tried Zoho.

Google calendar not only allows you to set event reminders, but will let you set multiple reminders for the same task throughout the day. I have used Google calendar but was unaware of this feature. I may have to give it another try.

If you take a look at your favorite calendar program or app, you will probably find that you have the same type of reminders available for events, although the number of times you may be reminded may be different.

The key here for all of these reminder systems - and the key to actually getting things done - is to schedule your to do list into your calendar. Master that and watch your to do list shrink.

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