Learn to Say No

by Brenda on October 15, 2012

As moms, we take on way too much. We’re trying to raise a family, maybe work outside the home, keep the home clean and organized and so much more. And we’re doing it while trying to manage our Attention Deficit Disorder.

I bet a lot of you ADD Moms are volunteers - at school, for after school activities, or maybe for your church. It’s kind of a part of who you are.

There comes a time, though, when you have to learn to say no.

How many times have you ended up volunteering for something because no one else would? Or because they just assumed that you would do it.

How many times have you watched other people’s children because they made an assumption that you would?

Take a good hard look at your life. How many hours of the day do you have to call your own? Should I say minutes instead?

And how many minutes of your day do you spend taking care of yourself?

Do you get enough sleep? Enough exercise? Do you eat a healthy diet? When is the last time you had fun?

Now take another look at your life. How much are you doing that others could be helping you with?

Keeping the house orderly is a family affair. Even little ones can learn to pick up toys and put them away. My kids knew how to do a load of towels in elementary school. They each had one day a week to do a load. My husband has been doing his own laundry forever.

How many hours do you spend volunteering? Do you genuinely enjoy it or is it too much? It’s OK to say no. It’s OK to change your mind. It’s OK to ask for help. It’s even OK if your daughter’s scout troop disbands because you were the only one holding it together. Your daughter might appreciate having her mom all to herself again.

You have to be an advocate for your own life and that of your family. You can’t be there for them if you’re sick, exhausted, or frazzled to death.

Start saying no. Start delegating to others. Start living your life.

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