4 Appointments You Should Never Miss

by Brenda on October 25, 2012

As an ADD Mom, it’s easy to get overwhelmed and overbooked. It’s easier to do for others than ourselves. And it’s one thing to think about making an appointment and another to actually do it.

Here are 4 appointments you need to make now. And if you already have, congrats.

1. An appointment with yourself once a month to do a breast exam. If you don’t know how, here’s a link. Pick a day that’s easy to remember - maybe your birthday date or the first or last day of the month.

2. An appointment for your annual pap smear and exam. I know they aren’t the most comfortable thing to do, but they’re important. Do it now.

3. An appointment for a mammogram if you’re over 50 or sooner if you are at risk.

4. A visit to your dentist every 6 months for a checkup and a cleaning. Did you know that poor dental hygiene can affect your health in general?

And if you are 50 or older and haven’t had the unique experience of a colonoscopy, ask your doctor.

None of these things are fun or particularly pleasant, but they are more important than you realize. Don’t neglect them or put them off.

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