How to Stop Procrastinating

by Brenda on October 27, 2012

As ADDers, we are experts at procrastinating. We can think of so many more interesting things we could be doing. And then there’s that whole distraction thing.

Most often, when we are procrastinating about something it is because we find the task boring, overwhelming, or just plain scary. (Disagree with the word “scary”? Think about having to make an appointment for a colonoscopy.)

We all have things in our life that need to get done but that we put off doing. And that’s true for people who do not have ADHD too. We don’t have a corner on the boring, overwhelming and scary market.

For some people, scheduling a day and time to get the task done (and writing it in their planner) would be enough.

Maybe not for us, aLthough it’s worth a try.

Instead, try this:

For boring tasks, set a timer and work on the task for 10 minutes. That’s not a long time and knowing it will be over soon will help you begin. You may even find that after 10 minutes you’re willing to keep going.

If the task is overwhelming, break it down into smaller parts and concentrate on one section at a time. That way an overwhelming task becomes a series of smaller, easy to do tasks.

And if you find the task scary or intimidating, you can do one of two things. (Or both!) You can tell a family member or friend that you need to do this and ask them to hold you accountable. Children are very good at this. They have no problems bugging you until you do it.

The other strategy is to set up a reward for yourself when you complete the task. Make sure it’s something you really love.

Finally, some people put tasks off because they are perfectionists. They want to wait until the perfect time to do it. They need all of the supplies on hand, a certain amount of time, etc. WHat they are really doing is putting it off.

And just because you have ADHD doesn’t mean you aren’t a perfectionist. Perfectionists don’t keep everything perfect; they just want it that way.

Keep these strategies in mind the next time you find yourself procrastinating and put them to work.

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