Why Feedspot is Perfect for People with ADHD

Have you heard of Feedspot?

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Feedspot is an easy and simple way to keep up with all of your favorite websites in one place. It’s sort of like a reader but bigger and better.

And I think it’s perfect for those of us with ADHD because there’s just so much information out there and Feedspot lets us keep up with it in an organized way without us having to organize it.

Here’s what your page will look like:

See all of those categories on the left? There’s literally a gazillion of them. OK that’s not true. But there are a lot. A LOT.

Seriously, there are more categories than I can count and there are numerous sites within each category. I’ve already added what is probably too many to my feed and I see more that I want.

Here are some of the things that I LOVE about Feedspot:

    Lets me check multiple sites in one place
    Divides each categories articles by day
    Lets me mark an entire category’s daily articles as read instead of having to choose each one
    Provides me with many, many sources for information that I was unaware of
    Lets me add blogs I follow (including mine :))
    Best of all, it’s free!

To give you an idea of how I use Feedspot, let me walk you through my day.

Each morning when I get up I check the weather report, the news (2 different ones since I don’t really like either one), my (former) feed to see what’s new on blogs I follow, and my email for alerts on news about ADHD. When I get ready to write an article or a newsletter, I check the news alert about ADHD as well as certain sites. All total, that’s a minimum of 6 independent sites I have to navigate to and read.

Feedspot makes it so much easier. I just open up my Feedspot page and it’s all there waiting for me. My productivity has increased and I’m wasting less time.

On the other hand, if I wanted to waste a little time - waiting at the doctor’s office, for instance - Feedspot gives me an endless source of articles to read and learn from.

You should definitely check it out and take some time to add the sites you follow to your feed. I think you’ll be very happy with Feedspot.

Disclaimer: I was given a free account to try it out so that I could review it, but hey, you get a free account too.

Oh and there are a couple of things that I don’t like about Feedspot: as I said, sometimes it’s too much of a good thing. We ADD Moms could waste lots of time there!

And the other? It is not available as an app on my iPad, but I’m hoping it will be in the future.

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