Dump List

As promised, here is my Dump List as of 10/3/13. I’m going to tackle it and update it so you can see my progress. Come on - do it with me! Oh and put some great music on while you’re at it!

Content on Brenda Nicholson.com
Content on Answers for ADHD Coaches.com STARTED
Submit proposal to speak at ACO conference DONE
Book ticket to NJ
Find transportation from O’Hare
Decorate for Halloween DONE
Clean up desk area DONE
Find a better solution for recycling
Clean up baskets in family room DONE
Find a place for dad’s papers
Clear clutter from bedroom
Clean my side of the closet
Organize the pantry
Clean out the fridge
Journal more often
Hang up clean clothes
Wash towels, rugs, and sheets DONE
Appt for mammogram DONE
Appt for annual exam DONE
Teeth cleaning DONE
Appt for Lizzie DONE
Finish content for A New Woman Coaching Program
Finish content for Answers for ADHD Coaches Program
Find healthy, quick, easy to make dinners
Find freezer friendly meals
Contact Lisa M and Lisa from SC ALMOST DONE
Book hotel for NJ
Ask about gluten free meals while in NJ
Email Joan about candles
Contact Anita about further work DONE
Hire Lisa M
Find my copy of 100 Days to Christmas and get caught up

OK. I don’t know how many things that is, but that’s my list and my 15 minutes for now. Be sure to check back and see how I’m doing!

Edited 1/5/14: As you can see, I’m human too. I got a lot of things crossed off my dump list but some are still there after 3 months. Plus now I can add more things.

What’s my strategy from here?

1. Make a new, updated dump list.
2. Take a hard look at what didn’t get done and figure out why.
3. Decide to get those things done, delegate them, or forget them.