March 2008

Hyperfocus and AD/HD

by Brenda on March 30, 2008

I bought my husband a guitar for Christmas. It was what he wanted, and I think everyone needs some form of creative expression and something that helps them relax. He obviously liked the present, because he has become absolutely obsessed with it! He goes to guitar websites, buys guitar magazines, and watches how to play [...]

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Attention Washington DC Parents

by Brenda on March 27, 2008

If your child attends public school, and you have had difficulties getting the school to provide proper accommodations for your child’s Attention Deficit Disorder, then Camille Tuutti-Winkler would like to talk to you.  Ms. Tuutti-Winkler is a writer currently working on an article about alternative schooling options for children with AD/HD.  The goal of the article [...]


Oops! It’s Tuesday!

by Brenda on March 25, 2008

Today’s Tuesday Ten Minute Tip is now posted.  Sorry about the delay - with the Easter holiday, my husband had a 4 day week-end, and today when he went back to work, it seemed like Monday, so I forgot to post the new one.  It’s there now; hope you find it useful.


Tuesday’s Ten Minute Tip

by Brenda on March 17, 2008

Starting this week, I will be adding an audio feature to this site: Tuesday’s Ten Minute Tip.  Every Tuesday will feature a short audio recording of a tip that I find useful in managing Attention Deficit Disorder symptoms.  Both ADD Moms and ADD Student will feature Tuesday’s Ten Minute Tips; sometimes it will be the [...]


Getting Organized with AD/HD

by Brenda on March 16, 2008

I admit it.  I am an organizing junkie.  I love anything to do with organizing - I love books about it, websites and shows about it - sometimes I even like doing it.  I especially love living in an organized home. Now before you think that I have one of those picture perfect showhouses where [...]


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