January 2009

2 New ADHD Groups

by Brenda on January 29, 2009

In response to requests, I’ve created 2 new ADHD groups where we can get together and talk. Both are free. ADD Moms @ ning was created to support those of us with ADHD and depression and/or anxiety. Be sure to check out the exercise group within that site. We’re using positive affirmations and exercise to [...]

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Depression, Anxiety, and ADHD

by Brenda on January 28, 2009

I have had such a response to my articles about depression, anxiety, and ADHD that I have decided to start a group of some kind to continue the conversation. I have actually had a few requests for such a group and right now, I’m trying to decide on specifics. If you would be interested in [...]


DO Something!

by Brenda on January 24, 2009

You know, one of the things about Attention Deficit Disorder is that we are easily overwhelmed. I think that leads to being unable to make a decision or to knowing where to start. I also think that most of us try way too hard to be perfect (cause we’re so used to being less than [...]


Exercise and ADHD

by Brenda on January 22, 2009

Last night I was on Twitter catching up with my friends. One of them asked where I’d been, since she hadn’t heard from me for a while. I explained to her that I had been having a rough time lately, with my depression getting worse. She told me that one of the things that helps [...]


Depression and ADHD

by Brenda on January 20, 2009

Depression, like anxiety and many other things, is something that can occur along with ADHD. In fact, scientists have found a link between depression and ADHD, as well as between creativity and ADHD. Depression can happen at any time - even in childhood - and most often happens for no apparent reason. That is, there [...]


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