The Planner Chronicles

Each January (and other times throughout the year) I get what I call planner fever. I have this idea that there is one perfect planner out there and if I can just find it, my whole life will fall into place.

Last year I used an Erin Condren planner. I liked the way it was put together and I loved the colors and the positive sayings. I even bought my daughter one for Christmas.

But this year, I decided not to get one for myself.

I had some time to think in between Christmas and New Year’s and I realized that I don’t really use those weekly planner pages that much. If I can see what I have planned on my monthly view, I really don’t need the weeks.

And there are other things that I like to have with me, like the ability to take notes while I’m out, for something for this blog, or for when I write at

Most planners come with a few pages for notes, but not enough for what I need.

I also like to make a meal plan and grocery list each week. Having a spot to do that in my planner would be perfect.

Finally, there are two things that are absolute musts when it comes to my planners: it has to be big enough to write in comfortable and yet small enough to carry, and it has to be pretty.

I looked and looked for just the right planner. I actually spent most of December 29th doing just that. I got obsessed sometimes.

Nothing seemed just right.

And then, because I wanted my planner right now (cause I have no patience at all), I decided that I would challenge myself to make the perfect planner just from stuff I had around the house.

I’ll let you have a good laugh over that one, and tomorrow someday I’ll be back to show you what I ended up with.

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