Mind Maps and ADHD

September 29, 2008 by Brenda  
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Recently I wrote a post about being able to focus and prioritize your projects, something none of us are good at.

At the time, I suggested that one way might be to make a list and then break it down into smaller steps.

While I still think that it’s a great idea, it’s not something that’s so easy to do.

You see, making a list is a linear, left brained activity.

Managing Your Life with ADHD

September 23, 2008 by Brenda  
Filed under Life Skills, Organization, Time Management

Lately I’ve been in a creative fever, turning out one thing after another.

Tonight, it’s a new E-book called Managing Your Life with ADHD - Ten Strategies for Organizing Your Time, Your Stuff and Your Life.

This is a completely new book with new material that I wrote today. It has all my best ideas and things that I do to keep my life running smoothly most of the time.

A Clean House and ADD

September 18, 2008 by Brenda  
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Last weekend, my husband mentioned to me that his father and brother were coming to visit this weekend.

In the past, that would have meant that, despite a week’s notice, I would have waited until today to begin cleaning. Cleaning would have involved a mad, frantic sweep through the house, throwing stuff in closets, and collecting trash bags full of stuff, and deciding which doors would have to stay closed all weekend.

Classic ADHD

September 9, 2008 by Brenda  
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Tomorrow my daughter and I leave for a short trip to Michigan. I’ve been avoiding the whole idea and reality of this trip for days now. Getting me to drive back to Michigan is like pulling teeth.

Don’t misunderstand - it’s a beautiful state and I love and miss it - but I think the drive brings up too many memories of when I was doing it every week to go back and see my dying mother.

Getting Things Done with ADD

August 5, 2008 by Brenda  
Filed under ADD, Time Management

How do you plan your day? Do you start each day knowing what you have to do and when you will do it? Do you always do the most important things first?

If you’re like most ADDers, you may have a list somewhere of what you need to do today, or this week, or soon, but that’s probably about as far as it goes.

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